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pastor james bio

James Owolabi is happily married to Helen Olabisi Owolabi, and together they find joy in serving Christ in Nigeria. He is a dedicated evangelist, church planter, and Christian educator who currently resides in Nigeria. Pastor James (PJ) has devoted his life to spreading the message of Christ and establishing Christ-centered academic institutions in Nigeria and across Africa.


Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, James embarked on his journey in full-time ministry in the United States, where he spent the first twenty years of his adult life. During this time, he served in youth ministry for over two decades, impacting the lives of young people across North America and West Africa. His experience and dedication led him to join the teaching team of two multi-site churches in the Chicago and Minneapolis areas, where he continues to make a profound impact.

James holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pastoral Studies from Tennessee Temple University, which he earned in 2002. He furthered his education by obtaining a Master of Ministry in 2005 from Northwest Baptist Seminary. His passion for teaching and mentoring is deeply rooted in the godly influence of his parents, who are esteemed Christian educators, church planters, and missionaries in Africa. James draws inspiration from his father, who has successfully established over 50 churches in Ghana and Nigeria and was fluent in two languages.


In 2000, James launched an evangelistic ministry, through which he traveled nationally, speaking to middle school and high school students in Alaska, Oregon, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This ministry served as a platform for James to share the transformative power of Christ with young minds.


In October 2015, James moved to Chicago, where he served as one of the Youth Pastors at New Beginnings Church of Chicago. His heart for discipleship led him to focus on nurturing and mentoring children and teenagers under the age of 18, contributing to their spiritual growth and development. In 2021, after the unexpected loss of his father, James relocated to Nigeria, where he continues to serve and make a lasting impact.

Alongside his ministry commitments, James enjoys engaging in deep conversations with his close friends, exploring different cultures through travel, savoring Asian cuisine, immersing himself in biographies, and gaining knowledge from documentaries.

His unwavering dedication to his calling and his passion for shaping the lives of young people make him a dynamic force in the realm of Christian ministry. With a heart filled with love, compassion, and a commitment to discipleship, James Owolabi stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.

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